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Our Story...hmmm.  Love and Passion. Our lives have revolved around love and passion. The combination of these two things has undoubtedly shaped our lives, following winters, following fish, following coffee, following signs- these all have come from our love and passion. Nomadic Bean Coffee Company was born of love of coffee, instilled by my grandmother around the age of 9, my connection started. Through years of working as a barista, the idea of starting an espresso cart came into fruition. The Nomadic Bean was born. My hopes one day to be become a coffee roaster, and that was indeed what happened. In a funny sequence of events, I ended up becoming an SCAA Certified Professional Coffee Roaster. My dreams had become a reality, and with it brought the knowledge, confidence, and expertise to create exceptional coffees to share with the world. I've always believed that coffee creates a commonalty between all people, and now I create that level playing field for people to connect. Years later, as our lives change and interests shifted, Nomadic Bean Coffee Company serendipitously took shape.  I'm beyond excited to share this piece of myself with you. Following my love and passions to help fuel yours. 
We are snowboarders. We are anglers. We are photographers. We are travelers. 
We are Nomadic Bean Coffee Company.

Latte Art
Coffee Drip
About: Our Story
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