Spring has Sprung!!!

Well Folks, I think it's safe to say that spring is finally here!!! Everything around the valley is SO green, I feel like I live in Ireland! Lilac trees are blooming, there's a sweet smell of the summer to come in the air, and there are baby animals EVERYWHERE!!!!! Spring is probably one of my favorite times of the year, winter of course is the ultimate fav, but spring is second. Everything is clean, rejuvenated after the long wet winter, and ready to grow! I kinda feel the same way, maybe not green per say, but ready to grow! The Bean is heading towards full swing, and I'm constantly rejuvenating my original ideas to bloom into a successful summer fun! Farmer markets are starting soon, I'll have my own Nomads Blend of coffee an available for purchase (also available for purchase on my website)! I'm working on a couple other collabs with great people in the valley to bring something truly special to certain events I'll be at too! Ahh spring, It's EXCITING!!!!!!

Here we go...

So I started the Nomadic Bean as a way to share the love I have for coffee with people. To interact over a cup, bring a smile to a stranger, and to really become a part of the community by sharing myself through my coffee. After a long startup period, things are finally falling into place. Events are being booked, connections are being made, and most of all I'm finally able to start sharing myself with you! So I'll be keeping you up to date with upcoming events and places I'll be in hopes that I can meet YOU, start a conversation, and share a smile over a cup of joe...so stop by and say hello!